Georgia Farmers Create Equipment to Increase Efficiency

MOULTRIE- Whipple Simpson and Jesse Grimsley embody the spririt of Sunbelt Expo. Both are Georgia farmers who invented farm equipment to the fields at Expo to show other farmers how their inventions could help them farm better.
 Simpson, a hay producer from Bleckley County, went to Sunbelt Expo in the early 1990s looking for a machine that could unroll round bales. He didn’t find what he was looking for, so he went home and invented T’s EZ Unroller. Simpson says his invention has the potential to revolutionize the hay industry the way the module maker has made the cotton industry more efficient.
 “The EZ Unroller extends your baling season, and it saves you a lot of time,” Simpson explains. “ It costs too much in labor and time to bale hat in squares bales.”
 The unroller allows hay farmers to bale their hay in round bales at harvest time when time is of the essence, and then unroll and rebale them at a later date. Simpson says the unroller can be used on any tyoe of hay, wheat straw of peanut hay.
 Simpson, who serves on the Georgia Farm Bureau Hay Advisory Committee, tinkered with unroller for seven years before selling his first in 1998. Since then, he has sold 17 to farmers in Texas, Ontario, South Carolina and Georgia. Simpson offers two versions of the unroller, a single unrollr at $15,500 and a double up roller a $43,000. He says the single unroller is ideal for producers who bale up to 25,000 bales a year. The double unroller is for the “serious hay man” who handles more than 200,000 bales a year.  Simpson says the single unroller can be powered by any regular farm tractor.  The double unroller runs on a 70 horsepower diesel engine.

Whipple Simpson created a machine that will unroll round bales and rebale the forage into square bales 

 Simpson can be reached at (478)934-7863. 

Courtesy of Farm Bureau News

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Simpson Farms
Cochran, Georgia